My First Challenge

Posted by Jeffrey Martinez on February 16, 2020

During the first couple of weeks within Flatiron School, and taught me so many things. Although things can become more challenging throughout the course, you just have to keep your head up high and fight through. Always approach situations with curiousity instead of fear. My first challenge here at Flatiron school was to create a CLI Project. I have reread the material to get more understanding of the fundamentals. When I started to do the project, the first thing that I thought of was how in the world was I going to start this project. It all started out by searching for an API which was going to give me data that I can use within my project, and after that search, I had to figure out how implement the material that I have learned within these last few weeks in order to access the API within the CLI Project. I did get stuck on the first 2-3 days because I couldn’t see the data within the API. I thought it wasn’t working. I gave up.

One thing is for sure that after giving up, I started thinking about my goal. What I wanted to do after this curriculum was extremely important to me. I said to myself that I had to keep pushing and ask for help. Another barrier I had to break, was to ask help when I really did need it. It came up to me that there are others within the curriculum that also may be facing similar or different situations that they may not understand fully, and are still feel scared to ask questions. Students may feel that others may judge as well. I have learned within the project that Flatiron School helps those who ask for help. It got to the conclusion that in order for my API to work, all I had to do was intantiate the method within the run file. It was that simple.